Rules (Update: 01.10.2023)

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Rules (Update: 01.10.2023)

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Every board needs rules, which the users should stick to.
We want our users to read them accurately. Because we will reference to them, if we think your postings were not correct.

Some general items
Members make a community living, and everybody can take part in it. To make this as attractive as possible, some rules for dealing with each other are very necessary, which you should take care of. However, discussions are welcome, but please don’t get personal.
But of course, nobody should get offended. Respect each other, that’s the most important item.

Please, don’t ever forget, that it is a human, who’s sitting at the other end!
Most people do not even think, in the moment of writing a post, about the fact that the messages are not read by computers, but by other humans.
Please, always take care of this, and do not…
Note: The more aggressive and unpolite you are, the less people may help you in a case of needing help.
It’s just as simple as this: Never write anything, that you whould not say into the recipient ‘s face, in front of others.

Less people are teachers and write just perfect. Because of this, everyone may post here. But it is very useful, to read over your post once again, before you send it. Many mistakes can even lead to misunderstanding the whole post.

If you feel superior, just because the addressee is younger then you, this is just arrogant, but also vice versa. A 14 year old is able to ask good questions, and a 45 year old can also be fooling. So the age should never be a point in a discussion.

Verbal strifes
Tone makes the music. Everyone in the community is responsible for playing the melody right. If somebody has another opinion, it is maybe just a suggestion – but no reason for getting aggressive.
Imprecations or open verbal fighting are not allowed. Try not to mix up games and real life, this is a game forum, which has nothing to do with real life.
If you don’t take care of this, it will take consequences for the users involved. The consequences depend on the level of the misdemeanor.

We don’t accept any threatening. Is a Thread being expressed, an official warning will follow. Further consequences are possible.

Call up crime
Calling up crime in here will cause legal consequences. URLs of sites which include misanthropy or contempt of human dignity will be deleted, so as the poster himself. Furthermore, we don’t want to see any indications for breaking copyrights.

Behavouir in the forum
If you’ve got a question, ask in one forum, principally in the right one. Do not ask in several or all! This will not effect a quick answer – because your post is being deleted then. Crosspostings are seen as impolite and they annoy these users, who want to answer or help.

First search in old topics
It’s quite annoying, if the more or less same question is asked again and again. If you search in older topics, you may find an answer immediately, so you don’t have to wait for an answer. In addition you might be disregarded, if you ask an often asked question again.

Choice of the topic’s reference
If you open a new topic, make sure to use a name, which shows your question clearly. “Heeeeelp” is definitely not one of these. And please don’t use many exclamation marks. Also don’t use capital letters for your text, BECAUSE THIS IS NOT ONLY MUCH HARDER TO READ, IN THE INTERNET IT MEANS SHOUTING.

Writing good English
As you’re allowed to write English in the whole forum, and the fact, that your posts can be read all over the world, it is important to write quite correct English.
Moreover missing punctuation can make sentences which can be quite complicated difficult to understand or not logically divided meaning without any commas or dots in it very hard to read or understand. (Just as this one).
Msispeklings or flipoed ltetrs ar enot very udeful for raeding yours entenec.
Because of this, you should check your text for mistakes before sending it. If the first look on the text tells the addressee, that the writer is not interested in making a good readable question, you may recognize, that nobody uses his time for trying to find out what you ask, so you won’t get any answers or solutions.

Be polite
Even when you have less time for writing a question or an answer, please read over it before clicking on the send-button. Often such a text can sound much more negative, than it was meant by the author. Think about possible misunderstandings, too. This can happen very easy, especially when irony is used. Emoticons like ;-) might help to get your sentence right.

There are answers that just need some time. We are glad about many people to answer, but quick answers can not be guaranteed. Pushing is not useful either.

Like in other boards, we don’t want you to spam in topics, for keeping them clear and good readable. Regularly spamming may cause consequences.
Note: Don’t mix Spamming and trash-talk, which is of course allowed in the right topics (off-topic, Fun-Forum,…)

Every User is the only responsible person for his/her post. Therefore the freedom of speech stands for every user. But this human right of the federal state of Germany is confined by several rules and laws.

Say “thanks” sometimes
Just like in real life, a simple “thank you” is positive for communication in the community. If an answer was useful, the writer might be glad for a short positive reaction, because he used a little bit of his freetime for you. Furthermore, other users can see, you’re already being helped by somebody, so topic’s done.

Not respecting any copyright will cause an immediate ban. Sending of Modifications to third (also Betas or for private use only!) will cause a ban without a comment, also for our Partner Sites.

Administrators and Moderators
Do respect the Admins and Mods. Offending one of these will cause a warning, offending one more time will be followed by a ban.
If you feel treated wrong, please contact Dotec and show your opinion. HOWEVER, ADMINISTRATORS AND MODERATORS ARE NO GODS, THEY MAKE MISTAKES, TOO!!
Life is just a game, but atleast the graphics are awesome!